Client: DAE White Night
Location: Ballarat
Creative Direction: David Atkins

Following the resounding success of White Night Ballarat in 2017, the all-night cultural event – even bigger and better – took place once again in 2018. Artistic director, David Atkins, invited The Electric Canvas to present projection works onto seven of Ballarat’s fine examples of architecture along Lydiard Street, as well as onto the entire façade and clock tower of Ballarat Town Hall.

The former Bank of NSW building was the canvas for a digital projection piece, “#CreateArtHistory”, that our artists transposed from the original work that we created onto the façade of the State Library of Victoria for White Night Melbourne. Ballarat Town Hall was swathed in a fantastic series of PIGI treatments using iconography from decades past in “The Secret Life of Buildings”.

Six other buildings along Lydiard Street lent themselves to a stunning collection of PIGI projections. The Electric Canvas created a series of treatments mapped to each building, based on an eclectic mix of subject matter and themes. The titles of these activations included “What If?” (featuring artworks by Marlene Gilson), Buddhism and 60’s Hippy Culture, The Luck of the Irish, Comic Conversations, Here’s Looking At You and Art Deco & Art Nouveau.