At The Electric Canvas we blur the lines between our technical and creative practices. Combining multiple disciplines under a single roof allows us to offer a unique, truly integrated, but flexible design and delivery approach.

As an agile and adaptable partner, we are happy to work on either the technical delivery or the creative content of a project. The Electric Canvas enjoys collaborating on projects with other artists, sharing our experience in the discipline of architectural projection, enabling those who are new to the genre to experience better outcomes from their vision.

What We Do


The Electric Canvas has an enviable success record, recognised internationally, based on our attention to detail and philosophy of “measure twice, cut once”. We’re proud of the reputation we’ve earned through our comprehensive pre-production process and our well-known projection design approach.

Project Management

Effective project management is at the heart of every successful project delivery. Professional CAD design and strong technical credentials are the cornerstones of our preparation, regardless of a project’s size. We are able to speak the language of engineers and architects and keep safety, security and aesthetic sensitivities high on our list of priorities. We document, track and maintain the highest level of quality control throughout the life of our projects.

Site Inspections & Architectural Surveys

Detailed inspections of the target projection surface and its environment allow us to gain a strong spatial understanding of the entire site-scape. We measure and consider ambient and dynamic light spill and how it will affect the projected result. We capture the architectural details of a building or surface using a variety of specialised surveying equipment from which we develop models and templates for our artists to work with.

Projection Technical Design & Overlays

Our custom projection modelling tools are utilised in a 3D CAD environment to plan the projection layout and find the best technical solution for each site. We use these systems to accurately predict brightness and resolution, which inform our creative process and ensure optimal creative opportunities.

Equipment Scope & Specification

We believe in flexibility, redundancy and a minimal installation footprint. By using a variety of projector resolutions and aspect ratios we can apply projected light in the most efficient way. Our equipment specifications are not simply based on a projector’s power, but rather the intensity of light arriving at a surface and being reflected by it.

Infrastructure Design & Provision

Our CAD planning also includes site-specific infrastructure design to seamlessly incorporate our equipment into a site. Our compact weatherproofed structures are designed to cause minimal site impact and can often be used as a support for event signage or branding.



Our award-winning creative studio boasts a diversity of talent and depth of skill that allows us to explore unique and original design approaches. We understand light and how it interacts with form in a sculptural way. Combining imagination, ingenuity and expertise, The Electric Canvas crafts exceptional content for every project we undertake.

Concept Development & Art Direction

From initial concepts to established briefs, we work closely with our clients to capture the essence of their ideas and successfully translate them onto a building, structure or surface.

Script Development / Storyboarding

Scripts and storyboards are an invaluable part of the process when a projection is narrative-driven. These important steps in the creative production phase help us to elaborate and explain our design concepts in more detail.

2D Templating & 3D Modelling

We develop 2D templates and employ 3D modelling techniques to develop virtual frameworks, the foundations onto which our creative content is produced. These models allow us to perfectly map images to the architectural detail of an intricate building façade or structure.

2D & 3D Animation / Motion Graphics

Whether narrative, thematic or purely decorative, we combine numerous design methods to develop our digital content. Illustration, animation, special effects and modeled 3D objects can be used individually or together to produce clever and highly engaging visual content.

Sound Composition & Production

An effective audio track can add a whole new dimension to a projection show and our composers work hand-in-hand with our visual artists to create custom soundtracks and soundscapes. Alternatively we can create visual content to work in harmony with a supplied track.

PIGI Image Design & Film Production

A precursor to today’s digital mapping techniques, the PIGI large-format projection system provides a budget-conscious approach to projection mapping. We design highly detailed images and treatments, mapped to a building’s architecture, which are then printed and mounted into custom PIGI filmstrips.


The Electric Canvas utilises various projection technologies, carefully chosen on a site-by-site basis, to ensure optimum impact, maximise creative opportunities and offer best value for real-world budgets. We believe in flexibility, redundancy and a minimal installation footprint, offering broad technical options appropriate to the job at hand. Using a variety of projector resolutions and aspect ratios allows us to apply projected light more efficiently. Our equipment is never rented to others; it is kept in peak condition to be used exclusively on our projects.

Digital Projection

An extensive arsenal of digital projection equipment allows The Electric Canvas to specify the most suitable technical solution for each job we undertake. We have more than 100 digital projectors under our roof, including Christie™ Crimson 25K lumen laser-phosphor (lampless) projectors and Christie™ Boxer 4K30 ultra-high resolution projectors (4096 x 2160 pixels) for the display of super-fine detail.

Media Servers

Our media server systems from French experts, Modulo Pi, have been selected for their strong suitability to our specific project needs. Modulo™ Player and Modulo™ Kinetic are ideal media server systems for architectural projection and mapping applications. Versatile and innovative, they provide us with the flexibility and reliability we need to deliver successful projection shows time and again.

PIGI Projection

PIGI Projector
The PIGI (Projecteur d’Images Géantes Informatisées) projection system was developed in France specifically for large-scale architectural projections and was a precursor to today’s projection mapping techniques. PIGI utilises giant film scrolls coupled with highly accurate motorised film positioning. It is a powerful and efficient way to accurately apply bright, high-impact artistry and image onto buildings, making it a valuable tool when impact is required on a challenging budget.


The Electric Canvas has developed and delivered a number of customisable real-time interactive projection systems that have proved popular with clients and the public alike. FingerPaint™ is a fun, tactile finger-painting experience on a large touch screen that allows participants to design their own projection onto a building façade or other surface. PhotoBooth™ marries the nostalgia of an old-school photo booth with today’s selfie phenomenon to produce an engaging collective public experience.