Client: National Capital Authority
Location: National Carillon, Canberra

The National Capital Authority entrusted The Electric Canvas to deliver a series of projections conveying powerful messages of respect and solidarity onto the iconic National Carillon in Canberra during National Reconciliation Week. Each year from 27 May to 03 June, this eight-day celebration is an ideal opportunity for all Australians to learn about their shared histories, cultures and achievements, and to explore how everyone can contribute to achieving reconciliation across the country.

The projections took place over the eight nights of Reconciliation Week, with each night dedicated to a different Indigenous organisation or in observation of key dates. Over little more than two weeks, TEC’s creative department engaged with eight separate organisations, as well as Indigenous artists, in order to develop their pieces for projection. Our experience working with First Nations and culturally sensitive content was a valuable asset for the project.

The Carillon is 50 metres high and made of three triangular columns that are six metres wide on each facet, so it was important to brief and guide the participants on how projection on this type of structure works; it’s not just putting someone’s painting up on a flat wall. The design process also needed to consider viewing angles and distances that varied from 100m to over 850m, and from almost anywhere around the Parliamentary Triangle.

Creative Contributors

Reconciliation, a continuing journey of growth and togetherness
Artist: Nikita Ridgeway. Narrative created by Reconciliation Australia.

2000 Walks for Reconciliation – In this Together
Image: Montage of various photographs by Glenn Campbell/Newspix, News Ltd/Newspix, Brian Condron/Newspix, Richard CisarWright/Newspix). Narrative created by Reconciliation Australia.

Voice Treaty Truth
Image: The 3 themes of the Uluru Statement from the Heart. Narrative created by ACT Reconciliation Council.

Sea of Hands
Artist: Australians for Native Title and Reconciliation (ANTaR). Narrative created by ANTaR, Senator Pat Dodson, Dr Jackie Huggins AM.

Artist: Richie Allan. Narrative created by the United Ngunnawal Elders Council & Winanggaay Language Group.

ACT Reconciliation Day
Artist: Lynnice Church. Pledge content developed by ACT Reconciliation Council.

Trio of Flags
Image: Montage of the Australian Flag, Aboriginal Flag, Torres Strait Island Flag. Narrative created by ACT Reconciliation Council.
Credits: © Copyright Harold Thomas 1971. Aboriginal flag reproduced digitally with the permission of WAM Clothing.

Mabo Day
Artist: Gordon Bennett with permission from the National Portrait Gallery and the Estate of Gordon Bennett and Gail Mabo.
Credits: Eddie Mabo (after Mike Kelley’s ‘Booth’s Puddle’ 1985, from Plato’s Cave, Rothko’s Chapel, Lincoln’s profile) No.3 1996 by Gordon Bennett. Collection: National Portrait Gallery, Australia. © Gordon Bennett Estate. With thanks for permission from The Gordon Bennet Estate and Gail Mabo.