Client: City of Melbourne
Location: State Library of Victoria, Princes Bridge, Melbourne Town Hall, Old Treasury Building

The themed projections we create onto various sites around the city are always a highlight of Melbourne’s annual Christmas Festival. With Covid-safe restrictions in place, this year’s projections ensured that Melburnians could still celebrate the holiday season outdoors. In addition to the festive themed visual treatments, the State Library of Victoria featured a special tribute to the thousands of frontline workers who have been our community heroes throughout the past year.

The Princes Bridge was transformed with beautiful digital projections featuring ribbons, gold filigree and wreaths, reminiscent of the season. Melbourne Town Hall was adorned in glorious colours and patterns, with treatments such as a gingerbread house, Christmas wrapping and baubles. In addition, the old Treasury building was decorated with projections between Christmas and the New Year to add to the City’s celebrations.