Client: City of Melbourne
Location: Federation Square, Melbourne Town Hall, Docklands

The themed projections we create onto buildings and sites around the city are always a highlight of Melbourne’s annual Christmas festival. In 2018 Federation Square was transformed into “Christmas Square”, for which we designed a feature projection mapping show set to an original soundrack onto two adjoining facades of the SBS building. The show treated audiences to a behind-the-scenes look into Santa’s factory, but with a funky twist. Inspired by the crazy machines of Rube Goldberg and the whacky world of Dr Seuss, we created an eccentric machine to help Santa and his elves produce millions of Christmas gifts and decorations.

Again in Fed Square, we developed an amusing interactive experience using our FingerPaint technology so that participants could decorate the fa├žade of the Yarra building. Melbourne Town Hall was adorned with decorative PIGI projections conveying messages of Christmas cheer and guiding the public to the various festival sites around the city. In addition, we created an engaging abstract piece onto a public sculpture, “Silence”, on Newquay Promenade at Docklands. The sculpture features 13 separate elements, onto which we mapped a series of Christmas-themed treatments.